Misconceptions About Non-Binary Folx

1. They need to choose. Literally, the whole point of the gender non-binary is that there is not just 2 genders to choose from. 2. Using the right pronouns and name are not really that big of a deal. Listen, we both know that isn’t true. You would have a conniption I someone called youContinue reading “Misconceptions About Non-Binary Folx”

My Dysphoria

For me, dysphoria is hard to understand and describe. I didn’t realize until recently that I’m non-binary, and even then I thought I wasn’t allowed to claim the word transgender. I thought dysphoria meant that you wanted a full transition and that’s all. I didn’t know that not all transgender people experience it or thatContinue reading “My Dysphoria”


What I should be doing right now: a review for my stats exam this Friday. What I’m doing instead: writing this blog post on how I can’t focus. My biggest question has always been “Why?” Why can’t I focus? Why do other people understand material so easily? How can I get myself to just sitContinue reading “Focus”

Getting an Impulsive Tattoo

Hello, Friends! Let me start this post by telling you not to do what I did in the following story. This is meant to be a lesson on what to do instead, especially when you have any sort of autoimmune disease. And remember that I am not a medical professional, so if you do experienceContinue reading “Getting an Impulsive Tattoo”

A World of Boxes

Gender, ability, illness, race, age, sexuality, religion. There are so many boxes in this world. Each word is meant to be a descriptor, yet society tends to use these terms as definers. Imagine this: You hold your personality, appearance, thoughts, ideas, really every piece of what makes you who you are in the form ofContinue reading “A World of Boxes”