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I’m Back!

Hello, friends! I know I have been gone for a while, and that there are not many of you, but here’s a short statement while I try to get back to creating content:

Are You Non-Binary?

It means something different for everyone, so keep that in mind as you continue reading. I’m going to attempt to create a jumping point to learn for those who are questioning their own identity or just exploring. If you are questioning your gender, know that you are not alone. You’ll figure it out, and hopefullyContinue reading “Are You Non-Binary?”

Portfolio – Cycle

*These are writings that I have from my portfolio. They are all works of fiction unless marked otherwise. Everything I do feels so much harder than ever before. Has opening my eyes in the morning always taken so much energy? Has breathing always been so incredibly difficult? I try to distract myself by spending timeContinue reading “Portfolio – Cycle”


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About Me

Hello, friend! My name is Sam Sagar. I fit into many boxes: non-binary, student, Indian, chronically ill, dog mom, disabled, writer. My goal in life is to figure how to manage my ADHD and destroy these boxes. At the end of the day, these boxes don’t define who I am. And neither do yours.

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