Misconceptions About Non-Binary Folx

1. They need to choose.

Literally, the whole point of the gender non-binary is that there is not just 2 genders to choose from.

2. Using the right pronouns and name are not really that big of a deal.

Listen, we both know that isn’t true. You would have a conniption I someone called you by the wrong name and pronouns all the time. But even if it were, is it really that hard for you to be courteous and respectful?

3. Being non-binary is a new fad.

There is a long history of non-binary genders throughout history and around the world. There are the Māhū in Hawaii, hijras in India, and Two-Spirit (an over generalization) in indigenous cultures.

4. Transgender and non-binary people are changing their gender.

You never “change gender.” You are simply discovering your true gender. I am not choosing to be non-binary, I just am.

5. People who are trans and non-binary are mentally ill.

This is a stereotype formed from the media that is not true. While dysphoria is listed as a mental illness, it does not mean anything bad about the person (neither does any actual mental illness but that’s besides the point)

6. A person who isn’t finished transitioning isn’t completely trans or non-binary.

A person is always complete and their identity is valid, regardless of their physical attributes.

7. Someone hiding their gender is lying to me.

It is an entirely personal decision on whether to come out to someone or not. This does not mean they’re lying but could mean they feel unsafe or uncomfortable sharing with you.

8. Using they/them pronouns to refer to someone in the singular is grammatically incorrect.

People do it all the time without realizing. In fact, I did that a few times here. Also, it is in the dictionary that they/them pronouns can be used to refer to people in the singular.

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