What is Neurogender?

Neurogender is a term used to describe any gender identities that are affected by or connected to one’s neurotype. It is a lesser known subset of gender identities, and a highly controversial one. Since there are not many resources on neurogender, I’m mostly going to write about what I’ve observed. What I’ve seen a lot is disagreement about what the specific implications of these genders are, so here is my take.

I saw several people upset because they thought neurogender meant people were calling mental illnesses gender identities or claiming that they were transgender because of their gender identity. To me, neurogender identities are affected by neurodiversity or linked to their different concept of gender identity some people have because of their neurodiversity. Gender diversity and neurological conditions are not the same and I saw no one is claiming that they are the same.

So, what does it mean when I say that they are linked? Well for each person, it’s different. For some, it could be difficult to explain. For others (like me), they may lack understanding of the ideas of femininity and masculinity. For some trans and neurodiverse, there is no correlation between either. There are many potential factors for both gender identity and neurotype, so it is not surprising that for some people the two are connected. I’ll add some links at the bottom to some academic and more casual resources on neurogender!

So, what does this mean for my gender? It means I don’t know what it is. I say agendered because it is easier. But honestly I don’t understand why there are labels of gender. Everyone is so different, I don’t understand the point of defining someone by something so trivial. The only scenario I can think of where it’d be relevant is medicine, but even then, not to the same level as it is today.

Short rambling aside, I hope this gives you another way for you to view gender. Like most people, I think there’s too much weight put on these kinds of labels. But bit by bit, I hope we can create a world where people aren’t put into boxes based on appearance or neurotype or gender. It’s a bit idealistic, I know, but creating that kind of environment for the people around us is better than nothing at all.

Lots of love,

Sam 🙂

Resources (there are certain ones that seem iffier than others, but you’ll figure that out):







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